Desmond in Hollywood: Man of Steel – General News

by Desmond Porter

Zod to face off against Superman. Michael Shannon has been chosen to play General Zod and cause Superman ( to be played by Henry Cavill ) a few problems, in Zach Snyders  ( 300, Sucker Punch ) upcoming film, Man Of Steel.

That Michael Shannon can act was proven as he was nominated for his supporting role in Revolutionary Road opposite lead stars, Leonardo di Caprio, and Kate Winslet.Snyder on Shannon as Zod: „Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and malice of the character.“ This will be important because the character of General Zod, being himself a former leader of armed forces from Krypton, knows more about Superman than most of Superman’s other enemies do.

For those who can remember Terence Stamp’s portrayal of Zod in Superman II, it will be interesting to see what Shannon does with the character.