Desmond in Hollywood: Will the Crow get a new Face?

by Desmond Porter

Bradley Cooper


Will the Crow get a new Face?

Is Bradley Cooper going to wake up after a hard night and discover that he is dead. It may well happen. Reports are coming in that the star of films such as The Hangover, The Hangover: Part II and The A-Team is in negotiations to play the character of Eric Draven in the remake of the Crow.

The project, which recently brought director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo on board, is set to retell the story of Draven, a rock musician, who along with his girlfriend are murdered. The dead man is then brought back to life, by the Crow of the title, so that he can hunt down and get revenge on those responsible.

The part would be interesting for Cooper as it would see him moving away from his sunny boy image ( Faceman in A-Team and Phil in The Hangover ) and becoming the dark vengeful spirit that is Eric Draven.

As a result the question could be asked, will he be able to deliver a performance on a level with that of Brandon Lee who played the part in the original film and to whom, he will inevitably be compared?

Watch this space to see which way the Crow flies.